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At Karen-Marie Klip & Paper, we are happy and proud of our many loyal customers. For them we have created a customer club, with lots of activity.

Benefits for members:

  • Members get bargains, gifts and members can read about the latest news in the weekly newsletter.
  • In addition, we hold once a month a Krea-day, where members meet in our store for free course and relaxed atmosphere with other creative paper lovers.

Members experience is being used:
Customer Club is also important for Karen-Marie Klip & Paper. This is where we hear from customers, their experience with the products, proposes to improvements, tips and ideas, criticism and praise.
It's free of charge to join, and if you are interested, you can sign up here or in the shop

Be pampered with loyalty gifts and
get invited to the customer club days.

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We keep following information about you as a member of the customer club: Your email address and your name. As a member of the customer club, you receive newsletters containing information about news, events and invitations to events, courses, etc. The information is never disclosed to third parties. You can always unsubscribe from the customer club by clicking the link at the bottom of the newsletter or here on the page.