Inspiration page with Christmas ideas

You will find Christmas kits in various design series with miniature, mandalas, flower arrangements, landscapes, lucky animals and 3D flowers. Hope you get inspired to start a creative DIY quilling project. Here you can find more information about Karen-Marie's series:

Read more about the series: Miniature


Read more about the series: Mandalas

Quilling mandala

Read more about the series : Suspensions

poinsettia, julestjerne

Read more about the series: Landscapes

Quilling winter

Read more about the series:
lucky animals

Mus quilling

Read more about the series
3D flowers

Quilling idea images of Christmas suspensions, paper ornaments with stars and pixies etc.

If you are missing an idea for some new Christmas decorations you can get inspiration here. Or go directly to the many Christmas-kit

Poinsettia, quilling julestjerne

Quilling mandala

Quilling mandala

Quilling nisser


Nisselandskab, pixi quilling

Quilling tog, train,

Quilling snemand, snowman

Christmas mandala

Quilling mandala

Quilling engel, engle, angel

Module star, quillingstjerne

Quilling drums, trommer

Quilling christmastree, juletræ

Quilling cat and mouse, kat og mus

Quilling juletræer

Quilling julelygter, lanterner