More on: Instructions and Booklets


All instructions and booklets are designed by Karen-Marie Klip and are divided into difficulty 1 - 7.
Look at the black dots. They symbolize the ladybug's 7 dots.

1-3 dots are for beginners
3-5 dots are for easily practiced
5-7 dots are for skilled quillers

There are four types of quilling directions:

- Templates
- Instructions
- Booklets
- Books

In addition, instructions for braiding techniques, creative cards and fastening etc. are available.

All directions are shown with step by step photos so it's easy to follow and there is a box showing the things you also need to make the models.
In most directions we show which colors we have chosen for the model, but you can of course choose your own to taste and imagination.

All our directions are sold separately without tools, paper strips, etc., but most are also sold in a  kit where all the materials you need are included - here you just need tools.


With Karen-Marie's Templates you get a two sided sheet of instructions and inspirational photos.

On many templates, you assemble the model directly on the displayed template or blue measurement field using pins and glue.
It is important to be careful to set the pin pins accurately and leave the model sitting until the glue has settled.

The template comes in a foil bag to be left on. It protects against dirt and prevents your model from sticking to the template.




Booklet is a large instruction with more variations in models or sizes than on templates.
The models are carefully described and with many inspirational photos.

In the booklet, there are often templates designed to cut out and put in foil bag.
If you want to avoid cutting the booklet, you can copy the pages, or - in many cases - buy loose templates without a target. similar to "extra templates".

If you buy the kit you get booklet, strips and foil bags etc. so you can easily get started on the project.

quilling boxes, dåser


Instructions are  4 sided folders, with instructions and inspiration photo.

Here it is not in foil bag as the model does not have to be made on a template.


Karen-Maries 24 Paperstars Book


With the books you get 72 pages with lots of instructions and inspiration.

Books that are a must in any quiller's collection.



Karen Marie on YouTube.

On Karen-Maries YouTube channel you can find the extra help and good tips that may not be shown on the instructions.