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Karen-Marie's quilling strips are made from carefully selected paper from factories around Europe.
Karen-Marie Klip offers only the colors and qualities that meet our requirements.
The paper arrives at Karen-Marie Klip in whole sheets, which are then cut in the sizes to be used.

The prerequisite for making great results with your quilling strips is that they are cut correctly - ie. that the fiber direction of the paper “lies” right in the strip and that they are cut precisely. We do our best to make them accurate cut, but there can be variations in the sizes as the narrow strips are cut on a very large machine and the paper behaves differently depending on the type. (You are always welcome to have a pack swapped if experienced).

The gram weight of the paper being used is also of significant importance. The most commonly known photocopy paper is probably 80 grams. It is too thin to be used for quilling.
To get the best possible quality for your quilling projects, we recommend using Karen-Marie Klip's quilling strips of 115 - 120 grams.

Our quilling strips are well suited for quilling, traditional braiding stars and other Christmas decorations.
The strips are available in different widths and pack sizes. See more at each product.
We also make individual packages - if you have special wishes about special big-packs or something else, contact us and hear about the possibilities.

More about recycling paper strips

All our paper strips are acid-free and have good lightfastness.

The colors no. 102 and 104 have a texture and take up a little more space when rolled. The colors from this brand are produced from 80% recycled paper and 20% new ECF fibers, in gentle beautifully matched colors. Gram weight is 140g - so it takes up a little more space when rolled.

The color no. 103 - Betulla stands out a little with its fine nests - see the close-up picture.

The luxury paper strips have a coated shiny surface. Note that they may need a slightly longer drying time when using glue.

We are constantly searching for colors that are on trend and of the highest quality. Here is the collection right now.


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Jørgen Fabricius cuts paper strips.
If you meet him at the store in Gråsten and are curious to know more, he is always ready for a talk.

The strips are weighed and, with inserts, packed in bags by our team of diligent packing ladies.

Then the many types of packs are stocked - ready for sale.
Here you can see the stockpile for our webshop and store.