New to quilling?

Welcome to Karen-Marie's wonderful paper world filled with Creative instructions for quilling and other paper hobbies. Here are DIY projects for all ages

All instructions are made by Karen-Marie clips and they are divided into difficulty grades 1 - 7.
Look at the black dots. They symbolize the ladybug's 7 dots.

1-3 dots are for beginners
3-5 dots are for advanced beginners
5-7 dots are for experienced

You can choose to learn different quilling techniques, for example:
Pen quilling
Comb quilling
3D quilling

On Edge Quilling

In addition, instructions for plaiting techniques, creative cards and invitations etc. are available.


On Edge Quilling


(0301-1) on edge quilling hearts 03

Pen quilling


Comb quilling


3D quilling


From our many customers and beginners we have learned that most people think Comb-quilling is the easiest technique to start with.
Here's a selection of comb-quilling starter kits with instructions:
On each kit you can see a box with small pictures of the materials you need and that are not included in the kit.
It can  be tools and glue for example.
There are various tool kits that are good to buy as a beginner.
Here you save money when you buy the tools separately.


Beginner Christmas-kit


Large tool-kit

Now you're ready to be creative

Go to Karen-Maries YouTube channel and search for the video that belongs to your kit.
Here you get the extra help and good tips that may not be shown on the included instruction.

Below you can watch the Beginners Videos where you learn all about the quilling tools.


Hope you are now well off to a good start.

If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact us at:
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Have a lot of paperfun from the whole team Karen-Marie Klip

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(0302-1) quilling moon 03

Pen quilling


Comb quilling


3D quilling


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