On Edge Quilling Strips

As the name implies, On Edge Quilling is a technique of gluing paper strips on the edge. The technique is used for cards, pictures and wall decoration. On Edge paper strips are often used to create the contour of figures and then other quilling techniques are combined for the filling. You have great freedom when “drawing” with the strips and you can create make amazing works. On Edge quilling strips are more robust – they are not made of paper, but cardboard. This is a great advantage, because then it is easy to glue them on the edge. The gram weight ranges from 170 grams to 320 grams.

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There is one more thing that On Edge paper strips are great for – namely to use for Karen-Marie Klip’s module tools. It’s so much easier – there is no need to use double-sided adhesive tape and much fewer strips are used. Watch the QuickTips video below.

👉 TIP: For an invisible transition, tear of the start and end of the paper stirp.
👉 TIP: You can change the paper strip colour by gluing the desired colours on the side.
👉 TIP: It is also possible to glue several regular quilling strips together to form your own On Edge strips.