3D Bellis Flower Wreath Kit

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Set for beautiful 3D Bellis flower wreaths

A kit with materials and instruction for 7 beautiful 3D flower wreaths with Bellis. This little, wonderful flower welcomes Spring. You will learn the technique for both full wreaths as well as half wreaths. The instruction contains 1:1 pictures of the wreaths so that you can easily build them after the models. The wreaths look great as a group but you can also make lose flowers, grass and leaves that is ideal for cards and table decoration.

Content: the instruction 3D Bellis Flower Wreath & 5 mm and 15 mm paper strips in the colours Natur White, Dark yellow, Fuchsia & Grass Green.

Please note: There are no instructions for flowers and leaves here, so you will also need the instruction 3D Flowers and Leaves.

Level of difficulty: 4 out of 7.

You will also need: the instruction 3D Flowers and Leaves, quilling pen, long quilling comb, ring module tool (ø 72 cm & ø 107 cm), form finger, 1/6 measuring board (A4), foamboard (A4)3 mm double-sided adhesive tape, paper glue, scissors, big scissors & fixing pins.

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SKU: 356270

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