3D Garden Furniture and Fence Template

SKU: 0247-1


This template shows instructions for miniature garden furniture and fence. You can make garden chairs, garden tabels in three different sizes (small, medium & large), ladders and a white picket fence. You can use the garden furniture to make miniature quilling or for doll houses. You will also need: scissors (article no. 8937900), KM glue (article no. 3339600), 3 mm doublesided adhesive tape (article no. 543) foamboard (article no. 72126) and pins (article no. 41120). Miniature Quilling is a lovely series that is suitable for doll houses, pixies, teddy bears, mice and bunnies. There are accessories and furniture to suit different seasons. The whole family can be together to create and use the imagination.

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SKU: 0247-1

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