African Mandala Template

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African mandala template

An A4 template with a beautiful and colourful mandala made with the Leaf Tool. It is constructed with leaf shaped rings which you can learn about in the instruction ‘Basic Leaf Tool Techniques – Mandala‘ (the instruction is not included in this template).

All figures are shown on step-by-step pictures so it’s easy to get started. The patterns and colours are inspired by Africa and there are new and fun techniques.

You will also need: the instruction ‘Basic Leaf Tool Techniques – Mandala‘, leaf tool (L 62), foamboard, 1/6  mesauring board in A4, superfine quilling pen, fine quilling comb, 3 mm doublesided adhesive tape, pins, scissors, glue, circle template an 5 mm paper strips in the colours Nature White, Old Gold, Light Brown, Dark Brown & Black

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SKU: 0270-1

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