African Sun Mandala Template

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African sun mandala template

An A4 template with a beautiful and colourful mandala made with the Ring Tool and all of the African inspired pattern parts. The pattern parts you can find the instruction ‘African Pattern‘ (instruction is not included in this template).

The sun mandala is shown in 1:1 and there are step-by-step pictures on how you assemble it. It is build on a blue measuring board so you can easily follow the round circles. The patterns and colours are inspired by Africa and there are new and fun techniques.

You will also need: the instruction ‘African Pattern‘, ring tool (ø 48 & ø 72), A4 foamboard, 1/6  mesauring board in A4, 3 mm doublesided adhesive tape, pins, scissors, glue, long quilling comb, long fine quilling comb, red double comb, quilling pen and 5 mm paper strips in the colours Nature White, Sabbia, Old Gold, Light Brown, Dark Brown & Black.

Remember that you need 2 mm adhesive strips to make the double combs.

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SKU: 0272-1

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