Anna’s Flower Wreath Kit

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Kit for the beautiful Anna flower wreath.

A kit with materials and instruction for the wonderful Anna Flower Wreath. You can make 1 big flower wreath and a lot of extra flowers that can be used for cards, wreaths and table decoration.

Here you will learn a new way on how to make wide, double 3D flower wreaths. Before you can get started with this wreath, you should first try the Asters Flower Wreath because it’s builds on that design. This new technique gives you many new ways to make wonderful flower wreaths with. There is also a new technique for flower middles and how to use the paper strips.

Content: the instruction Anna’s Flower Wreath & 3 mm, 5 mm, 15 mm & 25 mm paper strips.

Level of difficulty: 5 out of 7.

You will also need: the instructions Asters Flower Wreath3D Flowers and Leaves, quilling pen, ring tool (ø 137), module tool, long comb, formfinger, 3 mm doublesided adhesive tape, A3 foamboard, 1/8 measuring board (A3), paper glue, scissors, pins & tweezers.

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SKU: 312209

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