Art Nouveau Stars Kit

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Set for beautiful quilling stars inspired by Art Nouveau

A kit with materials and instruction for 2 big, long stars, 8 eight-pointed stars, 2 big diamonds & 2 small diamonds. They are inspired by the wallpapers and tapestry patterns of William Morris. The individual parts are not difficult, but it’s a big project – so you should try the Bethlehem star or Belinda star first.

The beauty of nature is at the core of all decoration elements. They can be changed in expression and pattern – from small diamonds with a simple motif, to 8-pointed stars to big, long stars with a more complicated pattern. “I hope to show how much fun there is with playing with patterns”, says Karen-Marie, who already last year tried to make a long Art Nouveau star – without luck. “This year it I succeeded and I’m very happy with the stars.”

Content: the instruction Art Nouveau Stars (incl. the instruction Art Nouveau Quilling Deco Elements), & 1000 pcs. 5 mm paper strips in the colour Nature White.

Level of difficulty: 5 out of 7.

You will also need: quilling pen, superfine quilling pensuperfine quilling comb, star module toolsmall star module tool3 mm double-sided adhesive tape, 1/8 measuring board (A2), 2x foamboard (A3), tweezers, paper glue, scissorsfixing pins.

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SKU: 341102


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