Belinda, Lucy and Fanny Star Quilling Lanterns Kit

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Mega quilling star lantern kit with material and instructions for a large, two medium and two small quilling lanterns.

You learn how to make the three different stars, which are made with modules and penquilling, then you learn how to put them together two by two with parchment and wide strips so that it turns into lanterns.

Be aware that you must NOT use candles in the lanterns! Use LED tealights instead. In the largest of the three lanterns, 2 pcs LED tealights are used.

Contents: A2 measuring board 1/6, A4 measuring board 1/6, foil bags, instruction star quilling Belinda, instruction star quilling Lucy and Fanny, instruction star quilling lanterns Belinda, instruction star quilling lanterns Lucy and Fanny, white parchment paper A4, 3mm, 5 mm and 50 mm nature white strips.

Difficulty: Level 5 of 7

You will also need: 2 pcs A3 foamboard, 3 mm double-sided adhesive tape, module tool, needles, scissors, quilling pen, tweezers, paper glue, pencil and LED tealight.

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SKU: 279102

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