Bethlehem Stars Kit

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Kit for beautiful Bethlehem quilling stars

A big kit with material and instruction for all in all 96 small or 50 medium or 40 long Bethlehem stars. With 1160 paper strips you can make your own star swarm in beautiful colour combinations. The small are ideal for the Christmas tree or as hanging decor in a group. It’s great to make colour variations and you can make them fit with other designs such as the quilling angels. These beautiful stars are ideal for beginners.

Content: the instruction Bethlehem Stars, 5 mm paper stirps in the colours Nature White, Betulla, Cipria, Malva, Lampone, Verde, Luxus Copperplate & Luxus Gold.

Level of difficulty: 2 out of 7.

You will also need: quilling penstar module toolsmall star module tool3 mm double-sided adhesive tape1/8 measuring board (A4)foamboard (A4)tweezerspaper gluescissors & fixing pins.

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SKU: 329616

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