Black-headed Gull

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The black headed gull is fascinating – this elegant, beautiful bird that changes its plumage according to the season – both stockings and hood! Several different comb techniques are used for the seagulls – including some brand new ones. It is easy to make variations and come up with new ideas.

Karen-Marie’s Black-headed Gull is a A4 booklet with 12 pages that contains an instruction for quilling hangings with big and small black-headed gulls – design by Karen-Marie. The seagull booklet is the second in the series with bird motives. The models are shown in 1:1 pictures.

You will also need: scissors, KM glue, 3 mm double-sided tape, ,long black comb, quilling pen, tweezers, ringtool ø 72 and ø 137, foamboard, 2 plastic bags, pins and the Black-headed Gull mix.

Level of difficulty: 4 of 7.

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SKU: 89551

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