Comb Quilling Baskets

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Instruction for comb quilling baskets.

An A4 instruction with step-by-step pictures for quilling baskets. With this easy and clever technique you will be able to make quilling baskets that look like plait baskets. In order to plait the paper strips, we have used the gigantic long quilling ocmb. You can choose to make it on a normal long quilling comb but it’s smarter to make use of the whole length of the paper strip by making a Giant Comb which consists of 7 quilling combs. You can get the tool kit which contains everything you need to make a giant comb with 7 combs.

The baskets are filled with 3D quilling flowers, roses, branches and other decoration. You can make Spring baskets as well as Christmas baskets. They are really cute as decorative hangings (instruction for decorations is not included).

Level of difficulty: 3 out of 7.

You will also need: Ring ToolGiant Quilling Comb3 mm doublesided adhesive tape6 mm doublesided adhesive tapeForm Finger, scissors, paper gluetoothpicks (for variations: 6 x Fine Quilling Combs & Leaf Tool)

The following paper strips have been used: 5 mm & 25 mm Noce, Betulla & Cipria.

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SKU: 309

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