Comb Quilling Big Baskets

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Instruction for big comb quilling baskets

A 4-page instruction (incl. plait instruction) with which you will learn to make quilling baskets for bigger flowers and create variations of the basket design. There are techniques where the Giant Quilling Comb and Giant Fine Quilling Comb were used. This instruction has 5 points in the level of difficulty and requires that you have learned the technique from Comb Quilling Baskets. The baskets can be filled with 3D quilling flowers such as tulips, harebells, grass, twigs and other decoration. You can make Spring, Summer and Christmas baskets. They are wonderful to use as hanging decoration (does not include instructions for decorations).

The Quilling Leaf Tool and Giant Fine Quilling Comb have been used. You can choose to plait on the normal long fine comb. But you make better use of the paper strips by using the Gian Fine Quilling Comb made out of 6 individual combs. There is also a tool kit with everything you need to build a giant fine comb.

Level of difficulty: 5 out of 7.

You will also need: the instruction Comb Quilling Baskets, quilling leaf tool, giant fine quilling comb, giant quilling comb, 3 mm & 6 mm doublesided adhesive tape, quilling form finger, foamboard, 1/5 measuring board, toothpicks, paper glue, scissors & fixing pins.

The following paper strips have been used: 3 mm, 5 mm, 15 mm & 25 mm Noce, Betulla & Light Brown.

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SKU: 316

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