Cow Parsley

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Instruction for beautiful quilling cow parsley

A 4-page instruction (incl. 1 template and 1 plastic bag) with which you will learn how to make cow parsley and grass in hanging decorations. This design, which belongs to the series “Quilling Wild Flowers”, will set you in the right summer mood. Karen-Marie wants to include the flower in her next wild bouquet, which is inspired by flowers found along Ringkøbing Fjord.

The flowers are made with 3 mm paper strips on the superfine comb. It’s also shown how to place the beautiful flowers inside hanging decorations which are made with 5 mm paper strips on the leaf module tool.

Level of difficulty: 5 out of 7.

You will also need: superfine quilling comb, leaf module tool, 3 mm double-sided adhesive tape, foamboard, tweezers, paper gluescissors, fixing pins & 3 mm paper strips in the colours Betulla, Lime, Grass Green, Dark Green and 5 mm paper strips in the colour Azul.

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SKU: 322


Background story

I have many wonderful memories of my mother picking flowers”, Karen-Marie says about the new design. “When she went on a stroll, she used to pick flowers on the way and bring them home. Cow Parsley, buttercup and sea thrift will be a part of the next wild quilling bouquet that I have planned for the summer has to be a part of the quilling bouquet I plan for the summer.

Watch this video where Karen-Marie tells you a little bit about her thoughts behind the next bouquet in the series “Quilling Wild Flowers” : a fjord bouquet. Hear more about her inspiration and see the sketches that have been used to design Cow Parsley, Buttercup and Sea Thrift.

Watch also this video where Karen-Marie tells you more about the fjord flower bouquet and shows you ideas on how to frame the bouquet.

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