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Daffodils are fantastic – full of power and beauty. They are easy to make – you just need one quilling tool: The black “Fine Comb” – that’s why they are also good for beginners. They are beautifully framed as small bouquets in the citrus shape. We developed an extra large frame for the daffodils. Karen-Marie’s Daffodils Booklet (article no. 89250) is an 12-page A4 instructions booklet for quilling hangings with DiY daffodils. You will also need: Daffodils Mix (article no. 731605700), 2 cellophane bags (article no. 22150-100), scissors (article no. 8937900), KM glue (article no. 3339600), 3 mm double-sided adhesive tape (article no. 543), black fine comb (article no. 80600), foamboard (article no. 72126), pins (article no. 41120). Level of difficulty: 3 of 7.

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SKU: 89250


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