Daisies Kit

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Kit with material and instruction for Daisy suspension.

You can make a total of 6 zitrus frames with daisies and 3 large daisies and 3 small daisies.

In this 4-page instruction you will learn how to make daisies and leaves with the superfine comb, the techniques for stems and leaves and how to put everything together in a zitrus-shaped frame. The frames are shown in 1:1 so you can get started easily.

Incl instruction with 1 cut out template and foil bag, 1 zitrus frames template, 1 sheet 1/7 mesauring board, Strips 3 mm vert, 3 mm pistacchio, 3 mm nature white, 10 mm old gold, 5 mm pistacchio, 5 mm vert.

Level of difficulty: 4 out of 7.

You will also need: A4 Foamboard, superfine comb, needles, scissors, 3 mm double-sided tape, glue and superfine quilling pen.

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SKU: 269102

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