Easy Quilling Mandalas kit

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Kit with Instruction and Mandala’s mix strips. 5 mm strips in: Ivory, Butter, Bright yellow, Avocado, Army, Misty Rose and Aubergine. For example, the package can make 3 large or 9 between or 14 small Mandalas. The instruction book contains: Mandalas easy pen quilling booklet. A4 instruction booklet of 12 pages. A booklet of quilling mandala figures in 3 different sizes. You will learn a lot of basic techniques. Everything is made with pen-quilling. Super easy technique where beginners can also join. The models are displayed on 1: 1 images and are based on blue measuringtemplates. Level 3 out of 7 You also need: Blue template 1/8, foamboard, scissors, tweezers, needles, helping hand, quillingpen and glue

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SKU: 89135268