Easy Starter Bethlehem Stars Kit

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Beginner’s kit for beautiful Bethlehem quilling stars

A great kit if you want to try out quilling – whether you are participating in a course or you just want to try it out yourself. It has a special price because the instruction and the measuring board is included FOR FREE in this set! With this kit you can make all in all 6 small white Bethlehem stars.  They are ideal for the Christmas tree or as hanging decor in a group. It’s great to make colour variations and you can make them fit with other designs such as the quilling angels.

Content: instructions for small Bethlehem stars, quilling pensmall star module tool3 mm double-sided adhesive tape1/8 measuring board (A4)foamboard (140×205 mm), small measuring board & 5 mm paper strips in the colour Nature White.

Level of difficulty: 2 out of 7.

You will also need: tweezerspaper gluescissors & fixing pins.

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SKU: 326102

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