Giant Fine Comb Making Tool Kit

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A tool kit for making a giant fine quilling comb

A tool kit with 6 fine combs and an instruction on how to build a giant fine comb.

The tool kit contains:
– 6 pcs. bacl fine combs
– 1 pcs. 6 mm double-sided adhesive tape
– 10 x 15 mm paper strips (in the colour Lampone)
– instruction: Giant Fine Comb Making Techniques

You will learn how to assemble the 6 combs into a long comb. The comb has been used for the fun plait technique that is shown in the instruction Comb Quilling Big Baskets. You make better use of the paper strips with this giang comb because it fits perfectly to the length of the paper strips.

A tip: use the foamboard and fixing pins when you are putting it together!

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SKU: 65100

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