Gingerbread Village Kit

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Set for cozy quilling gingerbread houses

A kit with materials and instruction for 4 cozy gingerbread houses with decorations. The heights of the houses are 18 cm, 24,3 cm & 26,5 cm. You can make the decoration after your own taste. It’s the same easy On Edge technique used for the Dala Horses & Blue Owls. The outline, windows, doors and fence are made with On Edge quilling strips whereas the decorations are made with normal quilling strips. The fine brown houses can be used for Christmas decoration. Build a small village by putting pixies, reindeer or 24 small gift boxes together with the houses.

In the instruction we show the basic technique on how to assemble the walls and roofs as well as how to decorate them. There are idea pictures of houses with different patterns and sizes (24,3 cm & 26,5 cm). In order to make the decorations you will also need the instruction Basic Quilling Elements.

Content: the instruction Gingerbread Housesgingerbreadhouse cut-out sheet I, gingerbreadhouse cut-out sheet II, gingerbreadhouse cut-out sheet IIItemplate for fence, plastic bag, 5 mm On Edge quilling strips in the colour Nature White and 5 mm normal quilling strips in the colour Nature White.

Level of difficulty: 5 out of 7.

You will also need: the instruction Basic Quilling Elements, quilling pen, extra long fine comb, 3 mm double-sided adhesive tape, paper glue, pins, tweezers, A4 foam board & scissors.

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SKU: 374508

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