Greenland Star

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Instruction for Greenland Stars

A 4-page instruction for beautiful quilling stars we call “Greenland Stars”. The biggest star has a diameter of  45 cm. The beautiful pearl collar on the Greenlandic women’s national costume is the inspiration for Greenland stars. Square Module Tools was used in combination with the Star Module Tool & Small Star Module Tool.

evel of difficulty: 4 out of 7.

You will also need: Square module tools, star module tool, small star module tool, paper glue, scissors,, 2 stk A3 foam boards, A2 measuringboard 1/6, fixing pins, tweezers & quilling kam.

There have been used the following quilling strips:
– 5 mm On Edge quilling strips in the colours Nature White & Cherry
– 5 mm normal quilling strips in the colours Nature White, Lampone, Vermilion & Light Pistacchio

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SKU: 363

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