Halloween Lanterns Kit

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Halloween lantern kit. For 12 small or 6 large lanterns.

With this set you can make different sizes of lanterns with spooky Halloween motifs. A drawing sheet with spiders, cobwebs, ghosts and bats and moon is included. Place the vellum paper on top of the drawing sheet and draw.

The motifs are just used as a template.

Contains 3 sheets of vellum orange/black and 3 sheets of vellum white.

Size: Ca. A4 as the sheet has a white border all around which needs to be cut away. Color: Transparent vellum with a color gradient from orange to black, please note that the color does not extend to the edge.
Made in Denmark
Design: Karen-Marie Klip & Papir A/S

Beautiful vellum paper. Ideal for cards, collages, as inlays for texts, around a glass for candles, lanterns etc. A festive sheet for various purposes.

You can also print on this vellum paper.

You will also need: Multimarker pens S and M, 3 mm double-sided adhesive tape, scissors, star hole pliers, light chain and jam glasses.

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SKU: 10640576

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