Harvest Party quilling template

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Artquilling. Quilling template with beautiful autumn wreath. Sweet blackberries, rose hips and ears makes this wreath special. A4 format. The Quillingtemplate is with little guidance. No detailed instruction, as this project is for experienced quillers. Place the template on top of a Foamboard. Let the plastic bag stay on so that the glue does not damage the instruction. Make your quilling directly on top so you get the right measures and sizes. The level is 4, of 7. Make beautiful wreath for the window or wall. Or small bouquets with ribbons for both ends and tied on a candlestick. Or, as shown on cards. You also need: A4 Foamboard quillingstrips, quillingpen, 2 combs, glue, circle template, needles, doub. adhesive tape, booklet Quilling techniques and comb quilling.

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SKU: 042-1