Inca Patterns Kit

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Kit for Inca patterns incl. templates.

With this kit you will learn to make eggs, a sun and knitting women inspired by South American patterns and colours. There are many exciting new techniques included and the long combs and the quilling pen have been used.

Contains: Inca Patterns Instruction, Inca Sun Template, Inca Eggs Template, Knitting Woman Template, Comb Making Template and 3 plastic bags.

Level of difficulty: 4 out of 7.

You will also need: ring tool, leaf tool, module tool, small module tool, quilling pen, long quilling comb, triple quilling comb, long fine quilling comb, 3 mm doublesided adhesive tape, 2 mm adhesive strips, glue and scissors.

We have used paper strips from the 5 mm Inca Sixpack in the following colours: Old Gold, Avocado, Pacific, Purple, Bordeaux & Fuchsia. We have also used paper strips from the 3 mm & 10 mm Inca Sixpack in the following colours: Vermillion, Azur, Iris, Lime, Ivory & Fuchsia.

Background information: For the March trend colours, we’re traveling to the new world – to South America! Hanne and Karen-Marie got inspired by the Inca patterns and strong deep colours that the indigenous people in Peru and Ecuador have used for their handcraft. Karen-Marie tells: “The journey began when Hanne had an idea for a new technique for strips on quilling eggs. There we had the thought about South America! And so we sat and admired the wonderful and colourful strips from another culture. We “translated” this into quilling, and out of this, new techniques and compositions have come out.” Come along on the journey – it’s going to be exciting!

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SKU: 304