Kathryn Star Quilling Kit

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Set for the beautiful quilling star “Kathryn”

A kit with materials and instruction for 2 “Kathryn” stars. You will learn how to make the quilling star “Kathryn” which is designed by Quilling Creator winner Beth Reece. It’s an exciting star and it’s so much fun to try Beth’s different elements for this elegant star.

The star is based on the design from Angela & Gabriella. Note: The level of difficulty is 6 – that means it’s for advanced quillers. If you are a beginner you should start with Belinda star or the Bethlehem star.

Content: the instruction Kathryn Star Quilling, 1/6 & 1/8 measuring board (A2), plastic bag and 5 mm paper strips in the colours Nature White & Luxus Gold

Level of difficulty: 6 out of 7.

You will also need: quilling pen, superfine quilling pen, quilling comb, star module tool, white circle template, 3 mm double-sided adhesive tape, 2x foamboard (A3), tweezers, paper glue, scisssors & fixing pins.

You can read more about the background story down below.

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SKU: 319102


Background story

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Beth from Virginia (USA) says:

When I first saw Karen-Marie’s “Angela & Gabriella” star being shared by quillers on Facebook, I was inspired to order my own a kit for myself. It was my first try at one of Karen-Marie’s designs and I was hooked by her easy, step-by-step instructions. I couldn’t help but consider the endless possibilities for other designs, so I tinkered around to create this unique version of Karen-Marie’s original.

It is named “Kathryn” after my 94-year-old grandmother, a “star” in my life. This intricate gold and white pattern takes about 25 hours to make and looks pretty hanging in a window or mirror.

I hope you enjoy making it as much as I enjoyed designing it!

The Karen-Marie Klip team says big thanks to Beth for a wonderful collaboration.

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