Landscapes Countryside Kit

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Quilling landscapes Countryside Kit.
Instruction and materials for a total of 10 suspensions with landscapes in rings designed by Hanne Olesen

Also includes:
Quilling landscapes Countryside booklet with 2 cut-out templates and 2 foil bags.
An A4 instruction booklet of 12 pages containing a instruction for quilling landscapes in rings designed by Hanne Olesen. You will learn to make suspensions with fields, cows, sheep, windturbine, tractors and farms etc.
The miniature figures are made on fine quillingpen so there are both challenges for beginners and advanced quillers. The models are shown on 1: 1 pictures.

You also need: Super fine quilling pen, quilling pen, KM Glue, KM 3 mm Double Tape, Scissors, tweezers, fine comb, the 4 ring tools, black pen S, circletemplate, Punch plier ø 6mm, crimper, foamboard and pins.

Level: 5 out of 7.

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SKU: 89451140

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