Lion Mandala Art Quilling

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Lion Mandala – a Art Quilling project for advanced quillers.

Karen-Marie has designed a lion mandala and says: “Even though I have never been to Africa, I am fascinated with the African nature and culture. With this lion mandala I have tried to combined them. A lion radiates calm and strength and the mandala is strenghtened with a mandala frame made out of African patterns. I think mandalas are wonderful as wall decorations and this one fits perfectly on our living room wall – even though it could also be bigger than the 61 cm in diameter. Maybe I will create a bigger one in the future?”

The individual parts are not difficult to make but there have been used a lot of different tools and techniques.

Content: Art Quilling instruction, 1:1 template with the lion (A2), basic lion template (A4) with plastic bag, the instruction African Patterns, 2 prolong sheets and 2 plastic bags.

Level of difficulty: 6 out of 7.

You will also need: 2 packs Sixpack Africa, 5 mm paper strips in the colours Cobberplate, black & Rosa, module tool, small module tool, leaf tool (L 62), quilling pen, long fine comb, long comb, double comb, triple fine comb, lineal, permanent marker, 4 pcs. of A3 foamboards, 3 mm doublesided adhesive tape, glue, scissors and many pins.

Here is the amount of paper strips used: 200 pcs. Black, 150 pcs. Sabbia, 150 pcs. Light Brown, 100 pcs. Dark Brown, 100 pcs. Nature White, 53 pcs. Old Gold, 50 pcs. Cobber & 1 pc. Rosa. The numbers are rounded up. You have always the option to make variations if you are short on paper strips (e. g. you can mix Dark Brown and Copperplate for the mane).

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SKU: 302

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