On Edge Birds Kit

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Set for beautiful On Edge quilling birds

A kit with materials and instruction for beautiful On Edge quilling birds in different sizes. With this set you can make approx. 40-50 red/white birds. Birds are wonderful motifs for love, happiness, freedom, consolation or sorrow. The red/white birds are ideal as decoration for Christmas. It’s the same easy On Edge technique used for the Dala Horses & Blue Owls. The outline is made with On Edge quilling strips while most of the decoration is made with normal quilling strips.

If you want to make birds in other colours there are cut-out sheets in more colours. You can choose if you want to build the models on the template or glue them directly on the template with quilling strips for On Edge quilling. In order to make the decorations inside the birds, you will also need the instruction Basic Quilling Deco Elements.

Content: the instruction On Edge Birds (incl. 3 cut-out sheets & 3 plastic bags), 3 pcs. On Edge Birds Lampone – cut-out sheet, 5 mm On Edge quilling strips in the colours Old Mill White, Lampone and 5 mm normal quilling strips in the colours Old Mill White, Lampone, Cherry, Black.

Level of difficulty: 5 out of 7.

You will also need: the instruction Basic Quilling Deco Elements, quilling pen, 4 pcs. fine comb, 2 pcs. superfine comb, foamboard (A4), tweezers, adhesives, paper glue, scissors & fixing pins.

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SKU: 375102


Background story

Karen-Marie tells this about the background story for the On Edge bird designs: “I went for something simple – the birds are almost like silhouettes in the sky. The decoration inside can be complex or simple. You can use the birds individually or you can mirror them. But they are also great to combine with other quilling designs to make mandalas, big hanging decorations or wall decorations.

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