Pavilion Lanterns Kit

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Set for cute pavilion lanterns

A kit with materials and instruction for cute pavilion lanterns made with the square module tools. You can make 10-12 small lanterns or 6 big lanterns. The biggest lantern is 19 cm in height and the smallest is 9 cm. These cozy pavilion lanterns will brighten up your day! Hanne is the architect of these beautiful simple pavilions. They are designed to either stand or hang. They can be decorated or kept very simple.

Please note: You must NOT use real candles in the lanterns! Use LED tea lights or small LED string lights instead.

Content: the instruction Pavillon Lanterns, white vellum paper (A4), patterned vellum paper, white cardboard (A4), 3 mm & 10 mm normal quilling strips in the colour Nature White & 5 mm On Edge quilling strips in the colour Nature White.

Level of difficult: 4 out of 7.

You will also need: quilling pen, square module tool, helping hand, 3 mm double-sided adhesive tape, foamboard (A4), 1/8 measuring board (A4), paper gluescissors, fixing pins, white circle templateTack-it adhesive & pencil.

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SKU: 364102


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