Peter’s Drums Kit

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Set for cute little 3D quilling drums

With this kit you will learn to make the cutest 3D quilling drums for miniature quilling. You can make either 12 big and 15 medium or 25 small drums. They are ideal for beginners so that you everybody can get started right away. The height of the miniature drums is 15 mm.

Miniature Quilling‘ is a cozy series that is ideal for doll houses, pixies, teddies, mice and bunnies. There are accessories and furniture that fit with the different seasons of the year. The whole family can be together to create and use the imagination.

Content: instruction, 1 cut-out sheet, 12 tooth picks & 64 paper strips.

Level of difficulty: 2 of 7.

You will also need: quilling pen, paper gluescissors.

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SKU: 881102


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