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Karen-Marie’s Poinsettia booklet with 2 cut-out templates.

A 12-page instruction booklet containing a recipe for quillings with poinsettia flowers designed by Karen-Marie. The models appear in 1: 1 pictures.

You will also need: black comb, quilling pen, glue, ring shape ø 137 and ø 72, 3 mm double-sided tape, scissors, needles, a4 foamboard, 2 A4 foil bags and poinsettia mixpack strips.

Level: 3 out of 7

This beautiful flower poinsettia, which lives its outdoor life in, among others, Mexico, is allowed to create a cozy atmosphere indoors in many of our living rooms up to Christmas with its classic red / green color. With this booklet you can learn how to quill a flower wreath and various Christmas decorations with this flower. The technique is easy so beginners can also join.

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SKU: 89559


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