Quilling Creator Karen’s Star Template

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Template for a festive quilling star

A template with which you will learn how to make a beautiful quilling star made with the Star Module Tool.

Karen Frederiksen, one of the winners of our Quilling Creator competition, designed this fantastic star – beautiful and festive! The design is easy and makes you want to try many colour variations.

Level of difficulty: 2 out of 7.
Please note: The Module Tool instruction is not included here. But the instruction is included if you buy the Star Module Tool. With the instruction you will learn how to make the star construct and the decorative quilling figures.

You will also need: Star Module Tool, Module Tool instruction (which is included when buying the Star Module Tool), quilling pen, 3 mm double-sided adhesive tape,, foamboard, 1/6 measuring board, paper gluescissors & fixing pins.

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SKU: 0283-1

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