Quilling Hand Fan Template

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A template with a 1:1 picture of quilling hand fans

On the template, there is a big and a small quilling hand fan shown in 1:1. They are made with the Square Module Tools and 5 mm On Edge quilling strips. You can build the fans on a 1/7 measuring board (A2).

Please note: There are no instructions on this template (watch the video for help).

Materials for the small hand fan: 72105410 – 5. mm str.+ (35 mm for the tassel) OE Verdigris  74 105410+ OE rosa 74105583.

Note: OE rosa can be used for both the frame and decorations. That’s possible because the gram weight is 170 g.

Tools: KMK quilling pen + the smallest Square Module Tools 23,5 mm + double-sided adhesive tape.

The big green hand fan is made with the Square Module Tools 40,5 mm.

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SKU: 0315-1


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