Quilling Lamp ‘Signe’

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Instruction for a beautiful quilling lamp with the design “Signe”

A 4-page instruction where you will learn how to make a quilling lamp with the design “Signe”. It’s easy to make if you already know Karen-Marie Klips techniques; but it is a big project. Before you get started you should try the technique from the Belinda star. The lamp can be made with 5 mm quilling strips or with 10 mm quilling strips. We used 40 pcs On Edge quilling strips (320 g) for the modules and Nature White big pack quilling strips (125 g) for the decoration.

There are 2 variants: one big and one small quilling lamp. You can vary the decoration; but it’s really beautiful when you create a tight decoration so there is a great light effect. If you want to make a simple decoration of the lamp, you can try to use vellum paper to break the light.

Be aware that you must NOT use candles in the lamp! Use LED light bulbs with low wattage instead.

Level of difficulty: 4 out of 7

You will also need: Star module tool, leaf module tool L137, paper glue, scissors, 2 x A3 foam boards, 1/8 meassuringboard A2, fixing pins, pegs 45 mm, tweezers & quilling pen. 5 or 10 mm On edge nature white BIG PACK and 5 or 10 mm nature white BIG PACK

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SKU: 358


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Once in a while it’s good to take a detour! That’s what happened during the development of the Umbrella mobile. Both Hanne and Karen-Marie imagined a lamp from it. But the technique turned into something new for the lamps. By working with the On Edge quilling strips (320 g) we found part of the solution. Karen-Marie wanted to make a quilling lamp for many years. Watch also the video down below!

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