Quilling Lanterns

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Karen-Marie’s quilling lantern booklet (note that: the lanterns are designed exclusively for LED lights and not for candles).

Lanterns give a nice calm atmosphere and highlight the light. This booklet teaches a very simple technique for creating quilling lanterns. It is a suitable project for beginners. The lanterns are beautiful in bunch, but can also be used as standalone bright spots. They can be used as the basis for many different quilling decorations or you can make them appear simply without decoration.

An A4 12-page instruction booklet featuring a instruction for luminous round quilling lanterns with flowers and snurcelpatterns designed by Karen-Marie. The models appear in 1: 1 pictures. There are many inspirational pictures where you can see different variations of lights. Both orange and turquoise lanterns.

You will also need: 3 mm double-sided adhesive tape, pencil, red quilling comb, needles, glue, scissors, 1/6 measuring board, A4 foamboard, ringtools ø72, ø107, ø 137, quilling pen, 5 mm and 50 mm nature white strips, A4 Vellum dots and spaghetti, LED light candles.

If you want to make lanterns other than white you will also need: 5 mm arancio, 5 mm Smeraldo, A4 Vellum paper orange and mint.

Level of difficulty: 3 out of 7.

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SKU: 89650



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