Red Robin

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A 6-page instruction including templates for two different red robin designs. You will learn techniques with the comb and how to make snowdrops with the superfine comb. Karen-Marie Fabricius is the designer for the models. You will learn various techniques with the comb, also the superfine quilling comb.

Content: 6-page A4 instruction with templates and plastic bags.

You will also need: long black quilling comb, red quilling comb, superfine quillng comb, ring tool ø137 mm & ø107 mm, A4 foamboard, 3 mm doublesided adhesive tape, tweezers, paper glue, sciccors, pins and 230 quilling strips in the colours Nature White, Arancio, Lime, Pistacchio, Sabbia, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Black & Perla Grey.

Level of difficulty: 5 out of 7.

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SKU: 292