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Rose’s instruction booklet with 2 cut-out templates.
An A4 12-page instruction booklet containing a instruction for quilling roses designed by Karen-Marie, Else and Hanne. The models appear in 1: 1 pictures.  You can learn to make a wreath, 1 large and 1 small ring with roses, 1 large and 1 small citrus frame with roses.

Level: 3 out of 7

The rose is a classic and beautiful flower that can be used as a decoration for any occasion. Who doesn’t love roses and their beautiful fragrance that puts us in a good mood. In this booklet you will learn how to make quilling rose hangings and wreaths. The individual parts are very elegant and fine – almost as if they were made with the quilling pen – but here we used the superfine quilling comb, which offers a much simpler technique. These roses can be made in any color, including red or orange which are Karen-Marie’s favorite rose colors. What are your favorite colors?

Many thanks to my mother Else who helped Hanne with the design of the wreaths. Our favorites are red, white and light yellow colors.

Have a lot of paper fun!

You will also need: Superfine comb, Ringtool ø72, ø107, ø137, quilling pen, glue, needles, scissors, A4 foamboard, 3 mm double-sided tape, 5 mm red roses mix strips and 2 A4 foil bags

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SKU: 89252


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