Silver Christmas Mandala Kit

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With this kit you can easily make beautiful Mandalas with “star effect”. The silver / white colors create an elegant feel. The mandalas get star tips made simply. Thanks to Ulla Stensler S¿rensen who made the models for these mandalas. In the set there are strips and instructions for: 2 large mandala, 10 medium mandala stars and 16 small stars. Incl. booklet: Mandala’s Easy pen quilling (part no. 89135), two A4 foil bags (part no. 22150-100), November Mandala Template (part no. 0511-1). The models appear in 1: 1 pictures. You will also need: Scissors, KM glue, 3 mm double-sided tape, KM Fine Comb, KM Quilling Pen, A4 foamboard, 1/8 A4 measuring board, KM Helping Hand, needles, and tweezers. Level: 3 out of 7.

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SKU: 89135580