Small Quilling Football Players Kit

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Kit with materials for fun quilling football players, fans and footballs

A kit with materials for 12 football players, 4 fans (all in all 16 figures) and 30 footballs. There is also 15 pcs. 35 mm wide paper strips included which you can use for table cards. You will learn how to quill football players and fans. Create a whole team and use the jersey colours, club colours or logos of your own choice.

You can use the small football players as table decoration for birthdays. Or use them as table cards and name cards. You can also put them in hanging decorations or use them as a gift idea.

Content: the instruction Small Quilling Football Players (incl. 1 template, 1 cut-out sheet with faces, cut-out sheet with footballs, and 1 plastic bag), ABC and Dots Stickers (white), ABC and Dots Stickers (red), ABC and Dots Stickers (ice) and 5 mm & 35 mm paper strips.

Level of difficulty: 4 out of 7.

You will also need: quilling pensuperfine quilling comb3 mm double-sided adhesive tapefoamboard (A4), punch cutter circle (ø 1,6 cm), white pen, tweezers, paper glue, scissors & fixing pins.

There have been used 5 mm paper strips in the following colours: Nature White, Giallo, Lemon, Peach, Vermilion, Lampone, Azul, Iris, Royal Blue, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Black & Perla Grey.

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SKU: 347200

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