Small Quilling Ladybirds Kit

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Set for cute small quilling ladybirds

A kit with materials and instruction for 16 small quilling ladybirds. The ladybird is one of the most popular bugs – it gives us good luck!  They are the next design in the series Large/Small Quilling. The adorable ladybirds can be used as hanging decoration and on cards and can be combined with the large ladybirds & bugs. On Edge quilling strips are used for the heads. You only need 1 black On Edge quilling strips as opposed to 3 normal black quilling strips.

Content: the template Small Quilling Ladybirds, cut-out sheet with faces for small bugs, black paper (A4), plastic bag & 5 mm normal quilling strips in the colours Lampone & Black and 5 mm On Edge quilling strips in the colour Black.

Level of difficulty: 3 out of 7.

You will also need:  quilling pen, superfine quilling comb, 1/6 measuring board (A4), foamboard (A4), tweezers, punch cutter circle (ø 1,6 cm), punch plier (ø 6 mm), punch plier (ø 4 mm), paper gluescissorsfixing pins.

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SKU: 0308576


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