Small Quilling Nisser

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A 4-page instruction for the cute pixie couple made with quilling strips.

There are step-by-step pictures for the pixie dad and pixie mom with hats on. Incl. a cut-out for the faces so that you can easily get startet with the pixie heads. Of course, you can also just draw the faces yourself.

Cut out the template and put it in the accompanying plastic bag. The models are shown in 1:1 so that you can simply make the pixies directly on the template.

level 3 out of 7

They are great for the Christmas tree or simply as decorative hangings.

You also need: superfine quillingpen, superfine quillingcomb, scissor, pins, A4 foamboard, 3 mm tape, paperglue, 5 mm strips peach, lampone, black and nature white.

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SKU: 286

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