Teddy House Kit

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Kit for Teddyhouse with decoration

Wooden doll house. Not assembled. H. 25 cm, size 18×27

Incl. material for covering wooden houses with. Paper for the wallpaper. Strips around windows and doors. Strips for straw roof etc.

Incl. Tales for Christmas quilling booklet. A4 instruction booklet of 24 pages. A booklet of quilling 3d teddy bears, mice, accessories such as honey, cheese, bottles etc. Hanging with Christmas sticks, lollipops, drums and cones made with windtechnique. The models are displayed on inspirational idea photos throughout the booklet. Contains a lot of cut out template with recipes on all the parts that you can build your models on.

(There are no strips, tools and glue included in this kit)

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SKU: 57879292

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