Template Module Mandala 1

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Template for the Module Mandala 1

An A4 template with a nice and colorful mandala made with module tool. It is designed with the module tips that you can see in the module tool instruction, which is not included.

All used parts are shown in 1: 1 so you can easily get an overview and get started.

You will also need: Module tool instruction, blue A3 foamboard, 1/5 A3 mesauring board, red quilling pen, 3mm double-sided tape, needles, scissors, helpinghand, glue, superfine quilling comb and module tool.

The following paper stirps have been used: 5 mm mix Ocean 731605382 and 5 mm mix flame 731605286, azul 72105340 Smeraldo 72105380 and Christmas green 72105428

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SKU: 0256-1


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