Vellum Mix A4 blue

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A4 paper mix with different blue green tones. You can use it for lanterns and light glasses. Also nice as a background for cards. You can also print on the paper – however, the darkest blue is too dark for this.

Remember, it’s best to use the double-sided adhesive tape for this. But you can also use little drops of the KM glue.

Content: 2 light blue/striped papers, 1 blue parchment paper, 1 dark blue paper, 1 polar green paper.

Idea for beautiful DIY lanterns with creative quilling decorations.

Materials: Various recycled glasses, tea lights (also LED), pergament imx, 3 mm double-sided tape, scissors, flowers and butterflies from the Easy Starter Kit, 5 mm quilling strips (here Ocean Mix).

And this is how you make it:
1. Cut the paper sheet on the long side.
2. Put 3 mm double-sided tape on 5 mm strips.
3. Glue the strips on the paper – it looks great if you make crosses.
4. Put a glued strip on the reverse side on the short side.
5. Put the paper around the glas – such that it creates a pipe (this way it’s easy to remove it when you have to clean the glas).
6. Decorate now with quilling flowers or butterflies. The round adhesive foams are perfect for this.

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SKU: 10545



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