Wild Flower Wreath Template

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Template for a beautiful wreath with wild flowers

An A3 template for a beautiful and colourful quilling wreath with wild flowers. It is made with buttercups, poppies, forget-me-not and many more. Here Karen-Marie shows a new technique for basic wreaths where you create a mirrored pattern. Mirroring the pattern gives calmness to the colours and flowers. We have used various colours for this wreath. If you don’t have all the colours at home, you can also substitute them with different colours.

You can build the wreath on a 1/8 measuring board (A2) The models are shown in 1:1 but you cannot build your models directly on this template. There are step-by-step pictures for the wreath but to make the flowers of the wreath you will also need the instructions Forget-Me-Not, Daisies, ButtercupsPoppy & Wild Grass.

Level of difficulty: 5 out of 7.

You will also need: instruktionerne Forget-Me-Not, Daisies, Buttercups, Poppy, Wild Grass, 3 pcs. superfine quilling comb, leaf module tools (ø 62 mm)small star module tool, 1/8 measuring board (A2), 2 pcs. foamboard (A3), tweezers, multi marker black, laser die-cut sister flowers black, laser die-cut mini daisies blackpaper gluescissorsfixing pins.

The following quilling strips have been used:
– 5 mm On Edge quilling strips in the colours Verdigris, Pistacchio Light & Lime
– 3 mm normal quilling strips in the colours Nature White, Giallo, Lemon, Vermilion, Ametyst, Purple, Azul, Verde, Pistacchio Light, Lime & Luxus Pistacchio

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SKU: 0311-1